Natural and Soft Eyebrows
Vivid coloration

Film Type
Eyebrow Color

  • Film Type Eyebrow Color

Eyebrow Color


  • Natural

Color Variations

1 Shade

Natural Brown

Neutral color matches with any hair style and make up

Create eyebrows with depth and definition

Point 1

A combination of "Soft Texture" x "Rich Color"
Specially designed for eyebrows

The secret of "Soft Texture"

The "Micro Film" contains tiny particles that adhere firmly to the brows even if a small amount is applied. A thin film forms to give a natural finish without clumping and lumping. It also prevents the brows from hardening and turning crusty, leaving your brows with its natural soft texture.

Maskara Alis Konvensional

The secret of "Rich Color"

Formula changes into smooth texture only upon application. This technique achieves a vibrant color and beautiful finish without clumps. The liquid glides on smoothly and spreads evenly so that every strand of the eyebrow is vividly colored.

Point 2

"Super Tiny Brush" for a clean and defined brow shape

Tiny and compact brush makes it easy to apply without smudging on your skin. It is designed to catch eyebrows from root to tip while combing through each strand. The formula is non-sticky, so you can style your eyebrows as you wish from head to tail.


Point 3

Beautiful finish that last all day. Easy Removal with warm water.

Formulated with dejavu's unique film technology, your makeup is protected against oil, sweat, and rubbing for long-lasting wear. Yet, it is easy to remove with warm water.
*Individual results may vary.

Serum-enriched formula

Propylene glycol (moisturizer)

How to

Step 1

Step 2

Color your brows by lightly brushing backwards against the flow from brow arch to head.
By applying in reverse motion, eyebrow can be coated from the root.

Brush lightly from head to tail along the direction of hair growth.
Comb the hairline along brow edges to adjust shape and keep them neat.

Pair "Film Type Eyebrow Color" with "Powder Eyebrow Pencil" for an even more natural looking and lasting brow makeup.


Eyebrow Color