Long lasting natural brows

Powder base
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  • Natural Lasting Eyebrow
  • Natural Lasting Eyebrow
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Natural Lasting Eyebrow


  • Greyish

  • Natural

Color Variations

2 shades

Greyish Brown

For mature brows that go with a sharp eye look

Natural Brown

For natural brows that go with a soft eye look

Natural brows with a sense of dimension adhere snugly
and won't wear off.

Point 1

Just trace and smudge,
for a natural powder finish.

Eyebrow color made by hardening and packing powder into a pencil form. Formulated so that drawing loosens the powder, for a soft, airy finish. Blend with the accompanying brush for more natural brows.
Features a 1.5mm x 3mm elliptical pencil, so you can use the narrow side to fill in individual brow hairs, or the thick side to draw a soft, thick line all at once.

Just trace and smudge, for a natural powder finish.

Point 2

Designed with a blend of
3 shades of powder.

The color design mixes three color powders in an exquisite balance, so it looks like you’re layering three shades of powder in one, resulting in brow makeup with a sense of dimension.

Designed with a blend of 3 shades of powder.

Point 3

Long lasting natural brows *1 .

Formulated with an adhesive ingredient*2, so powder firmly adheres not only to brows but also to sparse areas such as brows’ outer edges. Waterproof type resists sebum, perspiration, and rubbing, which may otherwise cause it to wear off.
*1 Individual results may vary *2 Microcrystalline wax

Long lasting natural brows *1.

How to

Recommended way to draw ①
- Draw -

Recommended way to draw ②
- Smudge -

Recommended way to draw ③
- Done -

Tips for fuller brows with more dimension

Take care not to twist it up too far

How to close the lid

Remove eyebrow color

Draw a little at a time with a light touch.
Use the narrow part of the pencil to draw individual hairs,
while the thicker part can be used to draw broad, airy strokes.

Smudge the powder in the natural direction of hair using the accompanying brush.

Get natural-looking brows easily with a single pencil!

For finished brows with more dimension,
start at the outer edge of the brow and work against the natural direction of hair,
pushing hairs up and out with the brush.
Then smooth brows by lightly brushing in the natural direction of hair.

Twisting the pencil up too far may cause it to break.
Twist it up only about 1 mm to use it.
If you twist too much out, you can still twist it back down.

Close lid until you hear a click.
To maintain the product’s durability, it’s made with a formula that must be kept tightly closed.
If left open, the pencil will harden and become difficult to draw with.

Can be removed with your usual cleanser.

Natural Lasting Eyebrow

Natural Lasting Eyebrow