Smooth and Smudge-free

Stay-on Eyeliner
Ultra-thin Cream Pencil

  • Real Black
  • Dark Brown
  • Natural Brown

Lasting-fine Ultra-thin Cream Pencil


  • Real Black

  • Dark Brown

  • Natural Brown

Color Variations

3 Colors

Real Black

Natural Black

Dark Brown

Depth and Softness

Natural Brown

Light and Soft

Smooth and smudge-free
Ultra-thin Cream Pencil

Point 1

The thinnest* 1.5mm ultra-thin tip

Easily create ultra-thin lines without the need for special techniques using its slim 1.5mm diameter tip.
Effortlessly fill gaps between lashes, and draw lines on the outer corners and edges of the eyes.

The thinnest
*Within the brand

Point 2

Ultimate drawing smoothness

The "loose pigment formula" offers a smooth & soft texture drawing experience. It enables stress-free drawing of even the tiniest details.

Ultimate drawing smoothness

Point 3

Natural and lasts all day *2

Adhesive ingredients thoroughly coat the line you draw. That way, it resists sebum, perspiration, tears, and rubbing. Super waterproof type, so it won't run.

Natural and lasts all day
*2 Individual results may vary

Active Ingredients


How to

For first-time users

Exercise caution to avoid over-twisting the product

How to close the lid

Tips for drawing neatly

Remove eyeliner

For the first application, it is recommended to draw a small amount on your hand to break it in before applying around the eye.

To prevent breakage, exercise caution when twisting up the pencil as it is highly soft.
Extend it by around 1 mm for use or adjust the length to your preference

Securely close the lid until you hear a click to maintain the product's longevity. Leaving it open can cause hardening and hinder application.

Gently pulling the skin at the outer corners of the eye horizontally will make it easier to draw.

Can be removed with your usual cleanser.

Lasting-fine Ultra-thin Cream Pencil

Lasting-fine Ultra-thin Cream Pencil